Claymore was one of those very rare shounen series that I actually enjoyed on a higher basis than “I’m watching it because I’m bored”. It had all powerups and predictable fights that you can expect from a shounen show but yet it was somehow different from the usual fare. Despite the fights following the predictable three step pattern with the usual powerup at the last stage they were still exciting.

There was one large shadow looming over the whole series however, that would ruin every second of the show when it appeared. I’m talking about Raki of course. He was the most annoying character I’ve ever come across in anime hands down. I was seriously cringing through every single scene he appeared in and an episode that was completely enjoyable before could turn into a torture to watch. His whiny voice together with being completely useless made him a completely unsympathetic character for me.

It came as no surprise that he played a major part in the crappy ending Claymore had. The underlying story throughout the whole show was Clare’s search for revenge; it was the very reason why she struggled and strained to become faster, stronger and more powerful. Right at the end Raki enters her life again after being away for so long only to spit on her very raison d’ĂȘtre, trying to take away the glorious and sweet moment of victory from her, and for what? He pities the demon because it has had a sad past. I’m sure someone somewhere came up with a saying for this very way of acting. It’s a small victory that in the end he had little impact on Clare’s awakening, instead it was Jeane that stole the show.

Why must all good action series have these contrived happy endings. Was it too much to ask for some anger and some determination to finish that last chop of the sword, not only ridding the world of a great danger but also fulfilling her promise to herself and to Theresa. Instead her misplaced mercy will probably cost hundreds of lives in the future.

Despite my bitter tone I really did enjoy Claymore and the one screaming weakness it had, Raki, was absent for a large portion of the show letting me enjoy the nice animation and adrenaline pumping powerups to their fullest. The ending had all the makings of a second season, but people that read the manga say the anime deviates in the last few episodes, making the probabilities of a followup season smaller.

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I didnt like the end.
I hope that there is a secong season,
and I found some exagarations during the last episodes.

well if u think the end is crappy, then i have good news 4 u: the anime was based on the manga “Claymore” and the last part was made up. The manga is still ongoing

I didn’t like the end that good but im hoping to see more this can’t just end like this but Raki… i dont entirely agree on that he was ok at some points of the story but it was quite annoying when he and Priscilla were in a small cave and you just waited for Priscilla to kick his ass. Normally anyone would have taken her head off right there so that she wouldn’t eat you but no. he just had to sit by and watch her eat. humans. and i don’t think the ending was happy at all because Priscilla was alive and all the other stronger demons and the whole mission was screwed up and they left Pieta which means that they would probably all be marked for death (Clare, Miria, Helen and Deneve) not very happy ending i would say.
Something I’ve found that you’d probably like.

And.. yeah.. hrm… the ending.. ._.;;
I’m not sure about reading the manga, hahaha.. orz

Yup, that sums him up pretty good!


Yes, the anime ending was kind of “Bleh”, and the manga is zillion times better. xD

Well I didnt like the ending much either the anime overall was very good
Have you seen Neon Genesis Evangelion?
I can be pretty sure you have seen deathnote if you have seen claymore lol

Raki was more than a weakness of the show. He was a vortex that sucked the show altogether.
Every scene with him was a pain to watch and sometime after the first few melodramas you get with him you’d choose to skip all Raki scenes altogether.
He was literally an idiot. He made all these wrong decisions, and instead of being any help to Clare he was a pathetic anchor that weighed her down all the time. At some point he admits to not being able to do anything but insists on joining the battle anyway despite the obvious fact that he was a distraction to Clare and more often than not almost cost them both their lives.The little glimmer of hope I had for him, that he’d have his shining moment sometime in the end, was shattered instead by another annoying melodramatic scene where he protects Priscilla as you’ve mentioned, which throws all the hype buildup the series had out of the window. And when Clare needed him the most, when she was awakening (she was actually wishing he were there)… the ONE thing he could actually help her with, he was in a corner somewhere nearby, crying and being whiny.
No character development whatsoever.

raki had all the things i hated in an anime character. all he did was whine, complain, more whining, dumping his story of how his family was killed on everyone even though thats a pretty common factor in this series,basically hes a character that was not needed… he ruined clare’s only chance for revenge on priscilla by hugging her and doing more whining even though he wasnt much of a help to the plot. he cried his tiny little eyes out and hugged her, not to mention they fell in love? what the hell is that? clare is a pretty supernatural being, and raki is a scared little crybaby who followed her around.. he wouldnt have even been with her the entire time if his family were still alive or he wasnt kicked out of the village. hes the embodiment of useless… despite the fact that he was a big chunk of claymore, i still enjoyed the anime i guess. i really didnt like the ending though. i hope the manga’s better.

Raki lays a good part in the manga.

The anime ending was made up. Forget it.

If Raki was not there

Clare would be a (weak) Awakened being, she would never meet deneve, Miria and the ever snickering claymore

She would have almost no emotions.

What Im trying to say Is…No raki, The Claymore series would have ended quite early

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